Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lee Martin Memorial Match 11-4-15

Well after last weeks perch fishing ,where the perch seemed more pre-occupied with fry to my worm,and my only bite resulting to a pike taking it,this week saw me attending a memorial match at Bradshaw Hall Fisheries lake 3 to pay respects to Lee Matin.
This is the 3 rd year now,I didn't take part last year,so I put my name down and was looking forward to it all week,and what a lovely week leading up to it,awoke Saturday morning to wind and rain and 7 degrees colder,by the time we had the draw,the weather was better,well,no rain,windy and not so warm.
I drew peg 7,tactics pole at 7m,chopped worm and caster,feeder rod set up,preston method feeder,short hook link and pellet.Started on the pole and fed two swims,I managed to bump one fish and land a gudgeon,switch too feeder,I was catching carp ,and loosing more than I was netting,head scratching situation,positive bites and fishing coming off,I was using 4 inch mwg hooks and all I can say was even tho sharp ,they cost me fish.The only way I can explain this is I bought them last year as there were no qm1 hooks,well back to them for next time.
Results were as follows (1) Chris 38 lb (2) Ian 17 lb (3) me on 10.1 lb.
An enjoyable day,fishing was poor for many others .

A great picture off Lee from a few years ago at Boddingtons,sadly missed on the matches
R.i.P ...............

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