Friday, 10 October 2014

Wet wet wet 9-10-14

I arrived at a different stretch at about 7-10pm,was hoping for a certain peg,it was taken,oh well headed down stream and ended up in a different peg .I was surprised how mild it was for this time of the year.

I fished bags on both rods with pellet and boilie,it wasn't long before the left hand rod twitched,then at 8 pm it roared off,a nice barbel about 4 lb.

 Then came the rain,it was off and on and no umbrella makes it difficult.At about 9 -30 I had a bite that just hung it self,i netted it expecting a small chub,it was a barbel about 2 pound maybe less.
I sat there for another hour and then the weed and leaves were coming down,I recast my downstream rod twice,then the downpour came,wet wet wet ,not that soppy 80,s band but a good soaking I got.

I packed up and headed back to the van,happy I had 2 barbel,not happy I had to pack in.Must remember a damn brolly next stuffs on the line drying as I type .

Till the next time bloggers,tight lines over the weekend,no pike for me yet ,got barbel on my mind lol.

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