Sunday, 22 June 2014

Luvly Cubbly 22-6-14

Finally got out on the river last night.I was going to fish the opening day but something came in workwise so that had to come first.I decided to go fish a stretch ive only fished a few times,wish id chose my 2nd choice though,but hey thats fishing.Dont like the river when its low and clear,hopefuuly rain this week.

I arrived at the river just after 7pm and had 3 pegs in mind,they were all taken,damn.....I started to walk back and noticed a bit of flowing water so decided to drop in there,there was another angler above and below me,but we were a good distance apart.

I fished feeders with boilie hook baits.After having a lead around i found an area with a bit of deeper water,one rod in there,and i down streamed the other rod.At about 9pm i had a ferocious bite,fish on,fish off to a hook pull,gutted.

At about 10.30 my downstream rod tore off and fish in the net a lovely chub.........
No barbel but a nice chub on a boilie.............................................

A few knocks on the left hand rod but nothing came off it,packed up at 1 am,home for 2........

Tight Lines, till the next time

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