Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where have all the pike gone 17-11-13

I have decided to blog even if i dont catch,only for pike so i can keep a record of what i do.I arrived at the lake today at 6-20,very misty ,quite warm aswell.I headed half way round the lake to try a different swim.
Tactics,ledgered herring and float fished sardine ,close in.

As the mist lifted there was two bivvy,s,one on the far bank and as usual the peg i wanted to try out.After about 2 hours i decided to bring float rod in and replace with a pat rigged smelt.The baliff appeared at about 10-45 as i was packing up for a move.

I decided to walk to the bottom of the lake and try the shallower end,got to be pike here,looked pikey aswell.Stuck with the herring and got the float rod back out with sardine.
Looked pikey,a nice breeze blowing into this side of the lake,followed by drizzle.I decided at 1-45 to move again.

Finally got onto the fancied peg,popped one up on smelt and popped sardine up on the other rod.I stayed till dark and didnt have a single run,it was just one of those days that seemed perfect.
Till the next time.Tight Lines Bloggers

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