Saturday, 16 February 2013

Screaming Cormorant 16-2-13

It was an early start today,out for just after 5am to meet up with region 31 for a fish in at a local water.I arrived just after 5-30 and parked up waiting for the others to arrive,unfortunatly for me i was on the wrong car park,lol.drove round to the right car park and just manage to get the van under the barrier.We made our way round to the water and there were on 5 swims,i checked no 5 and opted to fish no 1 swim.I had both baits out for first light,paternostered roach and lamprey on the ledger rod.There was lots of cat ice on the water,nothing to trouble me.Kieth,bri @ bernie bait boated there baits out at range,a few minor problems with the boats,a tangle for bernie and kieths boat wouldnt go further than 90 yards.During the course of the day i moved rods about and changed baits,couldnt find any deeper than 8ft.As the day warmed up and the sun came out, the water was as still as a mill pond,so no movement of fish,and no one had any action,till sefo had a screamer,it was a cormorant,then bri,s rod screamed of,lucky his came off.bernie reeled in this cormorant from over 100 yards and kieth unhooked it.After a few welcomed sausage butties courtesy of kieth,we still hadnt banked a fish.I changd baits again,hoping for some action.It was late afternoon before a run developed,to kieths rod,a jack about 5lb.A good end to the day,fished an hour into dark and not a sniff.Learned some interesting info today and will be back come spring,an enjoyable day spent in good company.
First light....................................

Kieth unhooking the cormorant.........

End of the day,no fish for me

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