Monday, 18 February 2013

My blog is a year old

I Cannot believe how quick my blog has gone since i started it.With only 6 or 7 weeks to go before my pike season ends im looking forward to returning to an old favourite water and a few more canal sessions.So what lies ahead for this years angling,well i have a memorial match & charity match to look forward to with the bs crew.In between those matches i have the coarse&predator charity match to organise.My early spring angling this year will be tench.I have a new water where the tench go to double figures so looking like some early sessions.Also theres some stonking bream to be had so im excited about that.Also i have my new card which im itching to use,but with work being the way work has been,slow, ive been unable to travel.Any way come june it will be barbel time and loads of new stretches of river to explore.This pike season has been unsuccesful regarding a canal 20,had a good double in december and loads of jacks so cant complain really.Also its time to say goodbye to a local water that hasnt produced whatsoever .Im on the look out now for another card for this season to go with my syndicate card,im 90 percent sure on what it will be so theres a purchase come april.Anyway gotta go.......Tight Lines

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