Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Making Traces (Tracelets)

Ive been making wire traces from fox carboflex,im a crimper not a twister ,i was really happy with the carboflex.The only problem that occured was once you had a lively fish in the net,this ruined or kinked the trace,meaning a new one would have to be used.I then stumbled upon a thread on the old Pike & Predator forum about tracelets.These were the idea of Mark Houghton,and was featured at a later date in the magazine.How they are constructed is by making a seperate trace from Titanium then adding your tracelet,which is made up to suit the deadbaits you are using,this is the part that normally gets ruined and you can clip one one after each fish if damaged,and the trace stays intact.Ive made up the tracelets with e.t 7 strand wire and have become a twister,this is due to the fact,crimping is to fiddley.
The components to make the traces.

The Hooks,i use eagle claw in size 4 or 6.
E.T 7 strand for the tracelets.

Components to make the main trace,E.T.double crimps,Crimp Rubber sleeves and a Gemini clip.

This is the wire,enough to make 5 traces...

Here the wire is put through the crimp twice.
Here the wire has been pushed through 3 times.Then trim tag end.

Here is the crimp once its been crimped with double crimp pliers.....

Once you have trimmed the tag end,slide crimp rubber on for neater presentation..

The completed trace,at the bottom you can see the gemini clip which is crimped exactly same way.

The pliers needed to crimp the double crimps,forget anything else..................

The Tracelets,made to various lengths to suit the baits i use...........................

As you can see in the picture,attach main trace to tracelet,slide tail rubber over crimp and on to hook. .

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