Friday, 12 June 2015

Last Canal Carp Session 11-6-15

So after last weeks session in a new area saw me draw another blank. I've been fishing 4 different areas hoping to locate the carp,between 6 & 11pm .Tonight I decided to go and look before I fished,the first area kids were swimming there so that was a no go,I drove to the place where I hurt my back ,as I arrived I decided not to bother and go back to where I was the following week.Upon arrival I baited up the area I fished last week ,then made my way further up to an area I fancied for a while.
Both rods out I kicked back to what was a lovely evening.As the evening wore on I had 2 beeps I was questioning my choice and should I move,I decided to sit it out,fish were topping,perch were chasing fry but no signs of any other fish.At 9-30 a single beep and my left hand rod arched round,fish on,after a short fight,I netted my prize.

my first canal carp,8.8 really pleased after the effort I've put in,sorry about photo.

I bumped into this fella on my canal travels,seems he's happy rocking out.Now with the river season just round the corner,it's time to dust the Barbel gear off.Tight Lines Rivermen.

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