Saturday, 11 August 2012

Boddingtons Resovoir

Had a match here today.65 acre water,100 pegs.we had pegs 1 -26. I drew peg 7.The tactics today were method feeder,straight lead and pva bag and the pellet waggler.Caught a nice common first cast on pellet waggler,prove to be the kiss of death.Kept feeding 8mm pellets but couldnt get them going at all.with half an hour to go i had a take and the fish ran 50 yards,got the fish to within 10 yards and my line rubbed on the rocks,snapped.cast out again and had another,it came off,just wasnt goin to be my day.the winner had 30lb.not as good as last year where 100lb won,i had 76lb.A 147 mile drive there and a lonely one back
Till the next time.
50,000 carp were intoduced to this water by british waterways

My set up,only 80 pegs have concrete,the rest are either rocky or fish on the beached area

My only fish,not a great picture,wouldnt keep still,slaped me in face with her tail.

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  1. still good going Pete,pity about the ones you lost, it could have won it for you.