Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Bradshaw Fishery No6 26-6-21

 Not fished this lake for over 10 years and today was a match with the breaking surface crew.I drew peg 6 and was happy being where I was shaded even though it was a warm day .

I started the match fishing 10metres to the front of the island ,I fed micros and maggot and fished over the top with corn .I took one F1 and had a rig smashed later . I stuck at it for 2 hours with one fish to show for my effort.

I decided to switch to bomb and pellet and managed 2 more F1,s.As the two anglers were catching shallow I switched too the pellet wag.I couldn’t get the fish going and decided for another method hoping I could catch .I switched too the slow sinking feeder with over wet micros and pellet hook bait .it wasn’t long before the tip was ripping around.The fish came in spells of 3 or 4 I just kept plugging away .

I was hoping for a mad last hour but it slowed down and I think I’d done enough for a place .

1st Dave 90lb

2nd Greg 77 lb 4

3rd Me 28-9

Till the next time stay safe .

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